Apple disappointed with iPhone X sales

Apple disappointed with iPhone X sales

Apple disappointed with iPhone X sales

Even if iPhone X sales dipped after what had been reported to be a record fourth quarter, it is unlikely that Apple will change course so significantly and decide to end production of the smartphone. Moreover, we see Apple's current valuation as relatively in-line w/ historical averages.

As Economic Times reports, Apple's total income in India grew by 17 percent at Rs 11,704.5 crore in FY17, up from Rs 9,997.6 crore in the previous fiscal.

The phone is estimated to be priced at around £340 or £349, which positions it as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X, which still costs more than £800 without tax.

Analysts say Apple should boost its capital return plan with its second-quarter report thanks to repatriated foreign profits. Notably, this price is more than iPhone 8 Plus by $200 and is more than iPhone 8 by $300.

Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz cut his sales and earnings estimates for Apple for the next two years. According to new messages, it might be better than the upcoming LCD iPhone to look like one of these Android clones. Morgan Stanley analysts think demand for the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus to be "weaker ... ahead of September's expected new iPhone launch". The most obvious speculation is the iPhone X Plus, which could be the larger counterpart of the iPhone X released in 2017.

Kuo also claims that this may just be the beginning of Apple's 3D Touch phase-out.

"We believe price elasticity is affecting the current cycle, as new models introduced cost, on average, over $100 more than last year's new models", he said. For instance, a hard-press on the Photos app brings up a few options, including the Most Recent folder, Favorites, One Year Ago, and Search.

While the 6.1-inch iPhone will miss out on OLED display and 3D touch, it will still retain the iPhone X bezel-less design and the infamous notch on the top. According to everything we've seen so far, iPhone X sales will turn out to be decidedly meh, and the real success story of the year is the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

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