WWE Wrestlemania 34 - Every match happening this Sunday

WWE Wrestlemania 34 - Every match happening this Sunday

WWE Wrestlemania 34 - Every match happening this Sunday

They then altered the question and asked the behemoth who he would like to be his tag partner if he could pick anybody from WWE history. More than 1.3 million households globally were able to witness the show on WWE Network with others viewing on Pay-Per-View. The WWF had sold out Madison Square Garden countless of times and Vince saw it as the flawless place to set up his huge event.

This is very much a go-home show that isn't entirely sure what's left to do with so many of its feuds, but it's also a show that manages to capture the spirit of WrestleMania. He needed to make it a spectacle. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995.

Rusev's road to redemption since WrestleMania 31 has had its fair share of peaks and valleys, but the Show of Shows would be the ideal place for it to culminate. WrestleMania is available to watch around the world in 180 countries.

So, WWE, who is always looking to create a special "WrestleMania moment", is treating this as an opportunity to do just that on the "Grandest Stage of Them All".

On Sunday at WrestleMania The Bar have the daunting task of defending their Raw Tag Team Championships against Braun Strowman. Which isn't just a pro wrestling event, it's a cultural event.

It may seem that only one man has any real chance of winning this match, given the fact that Lesnar's WWE contract is set to expire and he seems intent on returning to the octagon once again - but I can't help thinking that what will likely be the main event of the evening will nearly certainly end in chaos, one way or another. There are plenty of potentially show-stealing matches on the card, and plenty to keep fans invested, especially in the United Kingdom, where the show will not finish until the early hours of the morning. I believe Nakamura will become WWE Champion at some point, but I think Styles wins this one. But it would have been nice to hear something like, "AJ beat Nakamura in Japan".

But the Wrestling Observer claim: "Cena vs Undertaker has been planned for WrestleMania for months, and Undertaker has been training for the match". Both of these men are considered two of the top wrestlers in the world today.

The WWE's largest show of the year, WrestleMania, airs this coming Monday Australian time.

I'm on board with Paul Heyman talking up Brock Lesnar going to UFC if he somehow loses to Roman Reigns in the main event. Lesnar is definitely on his way out of the company. This went on for weeks and we never saw him. This year it is nearly certain that he is knocking off the supposed "unbeatable" Lesnar at WrestleMania. Well, if you haven't gotten the hint from being bombarded with Ronda Rousey footage ever since she stole the thunder away from freakin' Asuka's historic first-ever Royal Rumble victory and every single episode of Raw has involved between two to four segments dedicated to just reminding you that Rousey is in WWE now, I don't know what else to tell you. What began more than three decades ago as an all or nothing sports entertainment extravaganza has evolved in recent years into a spectacle of craziness.

Few wrestlers in the WWE are as popular with the fans right now as Rusev, thanks to his brilliant "Rusev Day" gimmick.

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