West Virginia woman decapitates boyfriend, pleads 'let me get my heads'.

West Virginia woman decapitates boyfriend, pleads 'let me get my heads'.

West Virginia woman decapitates boyfriend, pleads 'let me get my heads'.

The 41-year-old reportedly advised deputies that she was minimize after being thrown by means of a glass door, and gave authorities a false title.

Mills was allegedly "combative" throughout her arrest, in line with WVSN, and when within the deputies' automobile, reportedly stated: "It's important to take me again and let me get my heads".

Investigators said Mills and White knew each other.

Mills, of Rural Retreat, W.Va., is charged with second-degree murder, although authorities say the investigation is ongoing and first-degree murder charges are not out of the question, according to West Virginia Metro News.

Mills will face either a first, or second-degree murder charge, following the results of her mental evaluation. She would not identify her alleged attacker.

According to The Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Mills was found with narcotics and was initially charged with obstruction, battery on an officer and simple possession.

They found a man decapitated inside a residence and a body part of the victim outside.

There, they found a man decapitated inside his home - and they found another of his body parts at the property where they arrested Mills.

Employees at Southern Regional Jail revealed to the news station that Mills was talking about killing someone following her arrest.

The glove Mills was wearing when she was arrested matched one found in White's bedroom, according to The Associated Press.

White's daddy reportedly told deputies his son as well as Mills ended up dating. "That determination will have to be made by the medical examiner". While Mills is now charged with second degree murder, a grand jury considering her case in June could also charge her with first degree murder for premeditation. The gag order was lifted Monday, WVNews reported.

Sitler did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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