Two police officers arrested for 'bribe'

Two police officers arrested for 'bribe'

Two police officers arrested for 'bribe'

A woman has been arrested after leading police on a chase, ending in a crash on the southwest side.

Ahmad Dzaffir said the suspects were being remanded for a week from last Wednesday for further investigation. Furniture had been knocked over and the woman said she feared for her life because Dagan wouldn't let her call police.

Police have solved 19 motorcycle theft cases in the Klang Valley from December a year ago until March with the arrest of five men. In addition to the vandalism charge, Johnson was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. When officers arrived, they determined the single gunshot originated from inside the home, rather than from outside.

Police parties have also recovered 2 Kalashnikovs, 3 rifles, 4 guns, 32 pistols and hundreds of bullets.

No injuries or related traffic collisions were reported.

Rebecca Eudy, 75, was found unresponsive by rescue workers at 10 p.m. Thursday at Open Fields Assisted Living on Western Boulevard in Tarboro. As officers spoke to Cota, they located a loaded handgun near him.

A continued search of Cota and the vehicle revealed watches, jewelry and narcotics, police said. Police said when they spotted the truck, they followed Lilly to the area of 34th Terrace and Lawndale.

In the police report there was a laundry list of items equal to around $732 stolen from the store.

The investigation is ongoing, and UNET and Hollister Police Department continue to follow leads. Callers to Crimeline can leave tips anonymously.

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