H1Z1 Releasing on the PS4 Next Month, Open Beta Coming Soon

H1Z1 Releasing on the PS4 Next Month, Open Beta Coming Soon

H1Z1 Releasing on the PS4 Next Month, Open Beta Coming Soon

"The gas, which is dynamically based of the population, also moves faster to speed up the pace of the game, ensuring that matches don't last more than 15 nail-biting minutes". "The removal of inventory management, the removal of crafting, salvaging, reworking how the loot system works; all of these were cognizant ideas around 'what do we need to do to preserve the core feeling of H1Z1 and just make it feel good on a controller?'"

As for technical information, H1Z1 is said to be optimized for the PS4 hardware, but the only concrete detail is that the PS4 Pro can run the game at 60 frames per second. Daybreak Games announced this morning that their recently-released (though long-in-development) battle royale game, H1Z1, is finally coming to the PS4, even though the release was initially announced more than two years ago. The H1Z1 HUD has been simplified, but the biggest change is that the game doesn't feature a crafting system on PS4.

For those not looking forward to fighting over airdrops, the game will also have special crates hidden around the map (on the ground) that contain high-level weapons and armour.

'We have added key gameplay differentiators to keep the game frantic and fun - an action shooter's dream of fast-paced Battle Royale'.

H1Z1 will be free to play on the PlayStation 4 and if it is anything like the PC version, it will have micro transactions for loot. Vehicle spawns have increased to encourage greater mobility. "This includes six new guns: the KH43, Marauder, MK46, Combat Shotgun, CNQ-09 and Scout Rifle". You can sign up for that here. The Open Beta begins on May 22nd, 2018 and players can preorder a special H1Z1 bundle for $29.99 / €23.33 / £19.24 for unique in-game cosmetic items that will be granted at the start of Open Beta.They'll also be given a dynamic theme at the time of purchase. PlayStation Plus subscribers even get it at 20% off.

Be on the lookout for my interview with Lead Systems and Combat Designer, Tony Morton, where I asked him all about the PS4 version, the Fortnite-elephant-in-the-room, and more.

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