Eight Cameroonian athletes go missing from Commonwealth Games

Eight Cameroonian athletes go missing from Commonwealth Games

Eight Cameroonian athletes go missing from Commonwealth Games

But the spokesman said the department would not comment on individual cases.

But he urged them not to try to do a runner or (Immigration Minister) Peter Dutton will "deal with it".

"It happens at every Games and it's not a surprise", Beattie added.

A handful of West Australian athletes were involved in day 7 action-read how they went below.

'We would appreciate them sticking within the law, enjoying themselves, but sticking within the law, that includes Cameroon and any other athletes. If they are thinking of doing anything other than that, I would encourage them not to do it.

Grevemberg warned, however, that they would take the matter "very seriously" if they were found to have broken the regulations.

"It's obviously disappointing that I think some of the athletes that have come didn't compete as they were scheduled to compete".

"But these athletes are guests here in Australia, they are still within their visas and they have the right to travel freely", Grevemberg said.

They were last seen at different times on Monday and Tuesday at their accommodation and have since been reported to the Australian police as "deserters", a Cameroonian press attache Simon Molombe told the BBC.

"These athletes left in three waves - first in the night of April 8 three athletes departed from the village".

The athletes have been identified as boxers Fotsala Simplice, Fokou Arsene, Ndzie Tchoyi Christian, Yombo Ulrich and Ndiang Christelle, and weightlifters Matam Olivier Heracles, Minkoumba Petit David and Fouodji Sonkbou. There are a few areas we have noticed which require improvement and we have addressed them within the team.

FIVE more Commonwealth Games athletes are reportedly on the run.

"But the price paid by some retailers and small businesses needs to be addressed by the state government otherwise we are in jeopardy of never getting community support for another big event like the Games", Mr Simmonds said.

So far, the country's cycling squad has ended their challenge and returned home empty-handed, when in Glasgow, they had earned a bronze through Mohd Azizulhasni Awang in the keirin event. But I think it will be hard.

Previous year there were violent clashes as protesters took to the streets in Cameroon's Anglophone regions calling for symbolic independence from the country's French-speaking majority.

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