Arizona governor promises 20 percent teacher raise by 2020

Arizona governor promises 20 percent teacher raise by 2020

Arizona governor promises 20 percent teacher raise by 2020

Arizona teachers are demanding a 20 percent pay raise and more than $1 billion in new education funding.

Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday unveiled a plan that would see teacher wages rise 20 percent by the beginning of the 2020 school year, and restore $371 million in recession-era cuts over five years beginning July 1.

Doug Ducey announced a new package to increase compensation for teachers during a news conference at the Capitol in Phoenix on Thursday, April 12, 2018. Additional 5 percent increases will be made the next two years to achieve a net 20 percent increase by the 2020 school year. He's also counting the 1 percent raise the Legislature approved for the current school to call it a 20 percent overall raise.

Arizona teachers were inspired by colleagues in West Virginia, who won a 5 percent pay increase after a nine-day strike. As such, Arizona's budgets are still exceptionally tight a decade after the recession. "It's a good day for teachers in Arizona". But there are several other items on AEU's list of demands that Ducey didn't address.

Arizona lecturers had been cool to Ducey's announcement, saying they wanted particulars sooner than reacting.

"'What he gave us today was just a proposal, it wasn't legislation, and we don't know where the money's coming from and we don't know if he's talking about everybody involved in education or just classroom teachers, ' Tucson teacher and Arizona Educators United organizer Derek Harris said". "At this point there's not really anything to trust".

Inspired by the strikes in West Virginia and Oklahoma, teachers have been organizing rallies and "sit-ins", and preparing for a possible strike.

Those were the main questions #RedForEd leaders brought up when they went live on the group's Facebook page, Arizona Educators United, shortly after Ducey's announcement. Teachers, students and parents donned red and gathered outside campus before school began to demonstrate as part of the #RedforEd campaign.

"As a result of Arizona's thriving economy and a record population of seven million plus residents", Ducey said.

Joshua Buckley, president of the Mesa (Ariz.) Education Association, said the state's largest school district is struggling with more than just teacher pay issues.

"Teachers are leaving to other states just because of the teacher pay", she said.

Ducey says the average teacher earned $48,372 previous year. "It's incredible what a threatened teachers strike in an election year can get the Republicans to do", state Rep. Rebecca Rios (D) said. However, the proposal does it by redirecting cash already committed or planned for school districts in coming years, so school districts would feel the squeeze. But he already proposed $100 million in his budget plan as a start to restoring almost $400 million cuts made earlier in the decade - including $117 million he cut in 2015.

The state Department of Education says Arizona has 1,700 traditional public schools and more than 500 charter schools. "We are also making significant investments in Arizona classrooms in a responsible and sustainable way". He obviously is a huge supporter of the economy.

Her son, Lincoln second-grader Mathew Yepiz, said he joined the walk-in "to make teaching great again".

Buckley thinks the #RedForEd movement may have helped push Ducey to propose the raise.

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