A $30000 rumour? Tabloid paid for, spiked, salacious Trump tip before election

A $30000 rumour? Tabloid paid for, spiked, salacious Trump tip before election

A $30000 rumour? Tabloid paid for, spiked, salacious Trump tip before election

President Donald Trump had a relationship with a former housekeeper and fathered a child with her, a former Trump World Tower doorman claimed in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

The National Enquirer's parent company paid out $30,000 to a former doorman at one of President's Trump's NY properties at the height of the Republican presidential primary campaign, in order to prevent him from speaking out about a rumor he'd heard regarding Trump's sex life, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

Several media outlets are buzzing that the infamous tabloid The National Enquirer received a valuable rumor during the 2016 Presidential Election then paid $30,000 to not let it out.

The contract subjected Mr Sajudin to a $1 million penalty if he disclosed either the rumor or the terms of the deal to anyone, according to United States media.

Now, get this ... he claims, "On one occasion immediately after the 2016 presidential election, Mr. Sciricco told Mr. Sajudin 'I hope Trump gets rid of you all'".

Benfatto said Sajudin never mentioned anything to her about a possible Trump love child.

Others said stories attacking Trump's rivals - including Hillary Clinton - were not subject to the same stringent fact-checking before publication. "Unfortunately. Dino Sajudin is one fish that swam away", Howard told RadarOnline.

But four longtime Enquirer staffers directly familiar with the episode challenged Howard's version of events.

"There is just so much meat on the news bone today that I don't know where to start carving", Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show.

U.S. president Donald Trump has courted controversies and has nearly become synonymous with the word, thanks to his alleged association with pornstar Stormy Daniels and several women accusing him of sexual assault.

Speaking with AP reporters, Cohen confirmed that he had discussed Sajudin's account with the National Enquirer while the tabloid was still working on it, but denied knowing about the payment beforehand.

The two are reported to have been in contact over another "hush" payment made by the National Enquirer - to former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal who, like Stormy Daniels, says that she had a sexual relationship with Trump.

Her mom lives in a modest neighborhood in Queens, N.Y. When reached by The Associated Press, she said, "This is all fake".

AMI said in its statement that it "categorically denies that Donald Trump or Michael Cohen had anything to do with its decision not to pursue a story about a "love child" that it determined was not credible".

"Once she's part of the company, then on the outside she can't be bashing Trump and American Media", Pecker said. Paying upfront was not the Enquirer's usual practice because it would have endangered the source's incentive to co-operate, he said.

Still, A.M.I. paid Sajudin tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for silence, in a manner that mirrors McDougal's experience.

Among the evidence that agents sought were communications between Cohen, Pecker and the Enquirer's top editor, the New York Times reported.

Sajudin, in a brief interview with The News outside his home in the Poconos, said he was struggling to deal with the sudden attention.

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