Waymo Buying Up To 20000 Jaguar SUVs For Driverless Fleet

Waymo Buying Up To 20000 Jaguar SUVs For Driverless Fleet

Waymo Buying Up To 20000 Jaguar SUVs For Driverless Fleet

We'll add up to 20,000 I-PACEs to Waymo's fleet in the next few years - that's enough to drive about a million trips in a typical day. He also reiterated that the company's self-driving vehicles were the safest ones on the roads and they're working hard to prepare its cars for the challenges of real roads.

The minivans will be part of a ride-hailing service that Waymo plans to launch in Arizona later this year.

"Together we will deliver the self-driving Waymo Jaguar I-PACE with the grace, space and eco-pace that customers expect".

The I-Pace is much more compact vehicle than the Pacifica, and will be a more elegant way to travel. The Waymo executive very boldly assured everyone last week that he had "a lot of confidence" that his company's technology would've stopped before hitting her.

MI and Arizona share very similar laws when it comes to testing self-driving cars while California requires a $5 million insurance plan, and that the company must report any crashes within 10 days in addition to an annual report detailing the company's test drivers' training.

Waymo announced plans to turn the new Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV into a driverless luxury taxi.

Starting at the end of 2018, to coincide with season five of Formula E, Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations will supply a full grid of up to 20 I-PACE eTROPHY race cars for the unique series. Uber has stopped testing its self-driving technology on city streets, and so has Toyota. Testing of the self-driving cars will begin later this year. That's all handled by the plentiful wiring, which Waymo's systems can tap into and get an instant handle on all of the Jaguar's systems.

In a safety report, Waymo details the procedures behind each of its different tests for its technology.

It has been testing fully autonomous vehicles, requiring no human driver, in Arizona since 2017. "That's the world we're building", the company said. Waymo even boasts that it is the only company that has vehicles on the road with no occupants in the front seats. The service will allow the public to order a vehicle through an app much like Uber or Lyft, except of course the auto that arrives won't have a driver.

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