Valve Promises to Start Shipping Games Again

Valve Promises to Start Shipping Games Again

Valve Promises to Start Shipping Games Again

Artifact is a new Dota 2-themed card game that Valve has been working on, but it isn't the only new game the company has been developing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the third highest selling game in Steam's history, says Valve's Gabe Newell.

That's according to a number of sources, including video games personality Geoff Keighley on Twitter (below) and PCGamer, who were at a briefing about upcoming DOTA 2 card game Artifact at Valve's offices in Bellevue, Washington.

Newell gave some background on Valve's projects from the last few years, like SteamVR and the Vive headset, explaining that the company was anxious about the PC heading in the direction of an iPhone-esque closed ecosystem. During the Reddit AMA back in January 2017, Newell said that Valve is working on at least one other fully-fledged singleplayer game.

It's impossible for Valve to take about software with fans immediately jumping to Half-Life 3. However, with those investments done, the company can get back to game development. "Hooray. Valve's going to start shipping games again". We will have to wait and see if the new games that Newell mentioned will be VR titles, or something different entirely.

Is this a good news? Newel didn't elaborate stating they are not "going to be talking about it today" but that Valve is looking to "develop hardware and software simultaneously".

Newell says that the studio now has three big VR titles, though we don't know anything about them now. "When Miyamoto is sitting down and thinking about the next version of Zelda or Mario, he's thinking what is the controller going to look like, what sort of graphics and other capabilities".

Valve or Newell did not say anything about Half-Life 3 at any point during the presentation.

"You can see that Microsoft was like, wow, how can we make Windows more like [Apple]?"

Valve isn't done with hardware though, but now it'll go "hand-in-hand with software design", meaning you should really keep an eye on what Valve is up to in the coming months.

Excited for Valve's return to game development?

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