Trump Complains About 'Ridiculous Situation,' Signs Spending Bill Anyway

Trump Complains About 'Ridiculous Situation,' Signs Spending Bill Anyway

Trump Complains About 'Ridiculous Situation,' Signs Spending Bill Anyway

"There are a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, forced (to have) if we want to build our military", he said after signing it.

"There are a lot of things I'm unhappy about in this bill".

"I looked very seriously at the veto", Trump said.

Several advisers inside and outside the White House characterized the tweet as Trump blowing off steam and said they still expected him to sign the legislation.

Paul called the $1.3 trillion package the "terrible, no good, rotten deficit spending bill" and the "crumni-bus".

And a Republican Senate aide told THE WEEKLY STANDARD afterward that the filibuster "has nothing to do with this".

Trump also urged Congress to give him a "line-item veto for all government spending bills" in the future.

Trump previously assured lawmakers he would sign the bill, but then took a step back with a tweet Friday morning, saying he was "considering a veto", citing the lack of funding for his US-Mexico border wall. "I was thinking about doing the veto". Trump told reporters he looked "very seriously at the veto" but chose to sign the bill given "the incredible gains" for the military. The deal also includes $1.57 billion for Trump's border wall and other related security measures and $380 million to improve election security.

Leaders delivered on Mr Trump's top priorities of boosting Pentagon coffers and starting work on his promised border wall, while compromising with Democrats on funds for road building, childcare development, fighting the opioid crisis and more. "It's for everybody.' But we have tremendous opposition [from Democrats] to creating really what will be by-far the strongest military that we've ever had", Trump said.

Wednesday's tweet seemed like an acknowledgment from Trump that he wasn't going to get everything he wanted all at once. "The Democrats fought every single inch of the way". Trump, however, rescinded the program late past year while giving Congress six months to come up with a permanent plan for the program recipients. Among those who publicly praised the domestic spending included in the measure was his own daughter and aide, Ivanka Trump, who touted increased spending for child care programs. Lawmakers had just hours to read the almost 2,200-page bill released Wednesday night.

The massive spending package marks the end of a months-long funding stalemate in which lawmakers were forced to pass one short-term spending bill after another to stave off a shutdown. It also includes policy changes like one that would incentivize states to enter more records into the country's gun background check system and another that would cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority until Palestinians cease making payments to the families of terrorists.

Lawmakers in the Republican-dominated Senate and House of Representatives had already left Washington for a scheduled two-week spring recess, and Trump himself was scheduled on Friday to fly to Florida for a weekend at his private resort. 'Now we can get out of the ivory tower and into the streets - as we did in 1980, ' Laxalt said.

On Friday, he appeared physically uncomfortable as he described all the items he did not want in the deal he had just signed.

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