Sessions defends sanctuary cities lawsuit against California

Sessions defends sanctuary cities lawsuit against California

Sessions defends sanctuary cities lawsuit against California

In his speech, coming the day after Sessions filed suit against California in federal court over several state sanctuary laws, Sessions struck an outraged and condemnatory tone. As much as Sessions would love to commandeer local police into helping detain immigrants, the feds can't do that, any more than they can force local police to arrest people for federal drug offenses.

Sessions also used his speech to sharply criticize Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for warning the public about an unannounced raid by federal deportation officers recently in California.

SB 54 prevents law enforcement officials from transferring undocumented prisoners to federal custody and notifying federal immigration agents about their release dates. In response to this sanctuary state law, the Trump administration had made a decision to bring the state into court, suing Democratic Gov. The Justice Department is seeking to overturn those laws.

Administration officials say the three laws in question, all passed by the Legislature previous year, blatantly obstruct federal immigration law and thus violate the Constitution's supremacy clause, which gives federal law precedence over state enactments. These policies became popular nationwide during the Obama administration, which deported a record number of immigrants.

That is to say, the law tells businesses that they can not let these feds wander around on their property and look through their stuff unless they have warrants.

"California won't be bullied by Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, and we won't back down from defending law abiding residents", Newsom said in a statement. And I think we're going to win.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to announce the lawsuit Wednesday at an annual gathering of law enforcement organizations in Sacramento.

The federal government, he will say, is "fighting to make your jobs safer and to help you reduce crime in America". Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don't work here. SAD! Another law covers state and local law enforcement. California officials consistently have sought to stymie Trump's efforts to impose policies incompatible with the more permissive vision of the state's leaders and the liberal leanings of its electorate. In his address, Sessions compared California's resistance to federal immigration law to the efforts of the Old South and the Confederacy to resist the Union. "Bragging about and encouraging the obstruction of our law enforcement and I am afraid that this is an embarrassment to the proud state of California", Sessions said.

"Oakland is a city of immigrants". It is not the first time the White House steps in against sanctuary jurisdictions, whose policies partially discourage cooperation with federal authorities on immigration issues. The law was passed in response to complaints of abuse or mistreatment in California-based immigrant detention centers.

The Supreme Court reinforced the federal government's primacy in enforcing immigration law when it blocked much of Arizona's tough 2010 immigration law on similar grounds.

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