Rights groups accuse Israel of 'discriminatory policies' as Ahed Tamimi sentenced

Rights groups accuse Israel of 'discriminatory policies' as Ahed Tamimi sentenced

Rights groups accuse Israel of 'discriminatory policies' as Ahed Tamimi sentenced

Rabat- After three months of being held in custody, the 17-year-old face of Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank, Ahed Tamimi, has accepted a plea deal for eight months in prison along with almost Dollars 1,500 fine, her lawyer Gaby Lasky, said.

The British government said on Friday that the sentencing of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi for slapping an Israeli soldier was "emblematic" of the impact of the region's conflict on its youth.

The Tamimi family of Nabi Saleh is well known internationally for their activism against the Israeli occupation, which maintains a heavy, near-constant presence in their village.

The Israeli military said the soldiers were in the area to prevent Palestinians from throwing stones at Israeli motorists.

During her trial, Tamimi said she attacked the soldier after seeing Israeli troops shoot her 15-year-old cousin in the head with a rubber bullet.

Eight of the 12 charges against Ahed Tamimi were dropped. Nariman Tamimi was charged with incitement on social media and assault and was sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of 6,000 shekels, while Nour, who participated in the incident, was charged with assault and sentenced to 16 days and a fine of 2,000 shekels. Both have accepted plea bargains, a family lawyer said.

Apart from the sentence, the girl - who was 16 at the time of the offence - is also being fined 5,000 shekels (about $1,400). The sentence also includes a $1,400 fine.

Asked why she recommended that her client accept the deal of by the IDF West Bank prosecution, attorney Gaby Lasky said that "When the court chose to carry out Ahed's trial behind closed doors, after a lot of discussions had taken place in the public already, we understood that there was no chance that Ahed would receive a fair trial". "Since the occupation's legal system doesn't provide justice we reached a plea of 8 months which is a considerable achievement". Since her arrest, Ahed has become the subject of dozens of solidarity campaigns across the world demanding her release from Israeli prison, and an end to Israeli detention of Palestinian children. The judge ordered that the trial be conducted behind closed doors and said having a large crowd in the courtroom was "not in the interest of the minor".

Lasky wrote on Monday, "Public scrutiny is Ahed's only defense, and it is clear that without it, in secret proceedings, she can not get a fair trial". A video has been shared online of Tamimi praising "martyrdom operations".

"She is not a little girl, she is a terrorist", Regev said.

Global bodies must work to protect Palestinian children and pressure the occupation to stop release the 350 minors it is now holding.

Ahed Tamimi, who comes from a family of prominent activists, has been involved in a series of previous incidents, with older pictures of her confronting soldiers widely published.

The father also told NPR that the confrontation was in part spurred by Ahed seeing relatives being arrested and killed.

About 350 Palestinian children are now in Israeli detention, the human rights group said.

A video of her hitting and kicking an armed soldier in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh went viral in December after being live-streamed on Facebook by her mother.

Ahed Tamimi is the more aggressive of the two in the video.

"The occupation forces continued in their policy of arrest of Palestinian children, denying protection due to them by more than 27 global conventions", according to a report by the Palestinian human rights organization Addameer.

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