Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite

Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite

Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile devices!

Not much is known about who the 100 players will be. Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates.

Epic announced the event earlier today in a very brief news post that's light on details. With everyone getting their invites and trying to log in at the same time, the servers are bogged down and there is a good chance you may find your self waiting in the queue until there is room on a server for you.

If haven't played before, you'll have to create an account to join the Fortnite for iOS waitlist.

Remote explosives have also been added to the game and they enable players to attack opponents by detonating them at a distance. For example, my kids who signed up right after the signup page went live (trust me they were quick), have not received an invite yet, while their friends have.

Once you've been accepted into the game, you'll receive an email from Epic Games where you can activate your account and subsequently log into the Fortnite app on iOS. "We will be sending more in the coming days and weeks, so if you don't get one right away, don't worry".

While not an exact announcement, the implication here is that we may see some kind of battle royle mode make its way into an Activision franchise (or appear via a new game).

One way to be safe is to get "Fortnite" only from Epic Games, and not from some of the other download sites which may carry copies that have been tampered with, as Polygon noted. You land on an island with 99 other players, and the goal is to survive. You may also be interested to know that you won't be able to use a controller.

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