Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

Putin says Russian Federation ready to discuss any issues with US

Putin responded brusquely when interviewer Megyn Kelly asked if he condoned the interference that was alleged in last month's US indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Maybe they are not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked", he said.

"Even though this is his first term as President, he is a quick study, and he understands perfectly well that trading accusations or insults at our level is a road to nowhere", Putin said. So what? ... I don't care. The president has called the investigation a "witch hunt", although aides have clarified he means the probe of any collusion has no merit.

They planned to target Russian media with traffic to overload and shut down their websites, as well as launch counterattacks on websites created with the objective of spreading hacked material.

With nuclear tensions at a high between Russian Federation and the West, Vladimir Putin has said that he is willing to destroy the world - but only if Russian Federation is threatened.

Last week, Putin told Washington to send him hard evidence that his citizens meddled in U.S. elections, mocking accusations to date as "yelling and hollering in the United States Congress".

In the interview with Kelly, Putin called the USA president "a businessman with vast experience" and "a quick study" despite being new to politics. So what if they're Russians?

"Maybe they have dual citizenship or a green card, maybe the USA paid them for this".

"Could anyone really believe that Russian Federation, thousands of miles away.influenced the outcome of the election?" Give us an official request. This is ethnic nationalism, and it is similar to how Trump sees America - where white Christians are the "real Americans", and people of color, and immigrants are consistently treated as second-class, inferior, or the "other". "And we'll take a look at it".

"I wanted to send a signal that we would not tolerate disruptions to our electoral process", Daniel said, according to the book.

In the interview, Putin went on to say that Russian Federation had neither the tools nor the will to meddle in elections. Mr. Trump has said he never said Russian Federation did not meddle.

In a two-hour video documentary released in his native Russia, Putin said that he would give the order to launch if Russia was threatened with nuclear missiles.

"In Illinois, investigators found evidence that cyber intruders tried to delete or alter voter data", Bloomberg said.

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