Ministry optimistic of revealing 80 percent of TB cases

Ministry optimistic of revealing 80 percent of TB cases

Ministry optimistic of revealing 80 percent of TB cases

Fortunately, a large majority of the infected people have latent infection, which means they are not yet ill with the disease and can not transmit the disease. According to a World Health Organization report, 4, 23,000 TB patients died in 2016. It is a crucial theme and will be followed by a high-level meeting at UN General Assembly on TB this year in NY. We have been battling TB for more than 30 years, and are one of the biggest non-governmental treatment providers in the world.

TB is a potentially life-threatening disease which primarily affects an individuals lungs.

Speaking at the End TB Summit, PM Narendra Modi said the Government was working in a mission mode to make India TB-free. "Governments, parliamentarians and policy-makers should drive ambitious plans that will accelerate TB control at national level", he said.

Two years after the end of the European Union action plan on TB, little has been done on the creation of the new integrated policy framework addressing HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis C.

Infectious Disease Specialist Pam Whitney with the Missoula City County Health Department said the disease is trending downward in Montana, despite one highly publicized case at Flathead High School.

The risk of TB also increases for people who are undernourished, smoke tobacco, drink alcohol or are exposed to air pollution. Maintaining good hygiene, keeping your surroundings clean and making sure you have enough natural light at home can all help in preventing the growth of the TB bacteria.

"I strongly urge governments to scale up domestic funding for TB control and take responsibility for essential medicines and laboratory supplies". "Such checks are required in every state to find out the missing cases", said an official.

24 March marks the day when Robert Koch discovered the infectious nature of TB and identified Mycobacterium tuberculosis as the bacterium responsible for this disease, paving the way for the development of diagnosis and treatment of TB. In 2012 alone, 8.6 million people were diagnosed with TB of whom 1.3 million died from the disease. The day is observed to raise public awareness about the social and economic consequences of Tuberculosis and to make efforts to end the global TB epidemic. This bacterial infection develops easily from an infected person to another healthy person by just breathing in the bacteria.

Continuous coughing for two or more weeks, blood in saliva & cough, sudden weight loss, lack of appetite, night sweats, fever, chills, and fatigue.

Despite some progress, TB remains a serious epidemic in the Kyrgyz Republic with 5,500 new cases, including 1,400 new drug resistant cases, and 400 deaths every year. In 2016, the largest number of new TB cases occurred in Asia, with 45% of new cases, followed by Africa, with 25% of new cases. Worldwide India is the country with the highest burden of both TB and MDR TB. Seven countries account for 64 per cent of the total, with India leading the count, as per WHO.

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