'Mario Tennis Aces' Release Date, Characters Leak Ahead of Nintendo Direct

'Mario Tennis Aces' Release Date, Characters Leak Ahead of Nintendo Direct

'Mario Tennis Aces' Release Date, Characters Leak Ahead of Nintendo Direct

Kirby Star Allies will let you play as King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandanna Waddle Dee in multiplayer. It will include player being able to be baddies like MetaKnight and King Dee Dee.

Okami HD is coming to Switch after being released for PC late a year ago. It is a mix of touchscreen/ joystick puzzle and epic monster battler. Detective Pikachu is slated to release March23rd 2018.

Still not sold on Mario Tennis Aces?

The game will be out on June 22 in Japan, and while there's no guarantee it'll be the same in the United Kingdom it probably will. It will also be available for the 3DS. This will be the first paid DLC for the game and will feature a new story campaign. For example, each character caters to a different play style, which is interesting since it gives the player variety. The news was only revealed two months ago at the headlining 2018 Nintendo Direct celebrating the anniversary of Nintendo Switch's formal reveal.

A good portion of the trailer was devoted the myriad of shots available to unleash upon the tennis players of the Mushroom Kingdom. Up to four players can take to the court with the games refined advanced tennis system.

However, you're not completely helpless if you're on the receiving end of a Zone Shot. Along with it, Nintendo also confirmed the game would have a "swing mode", which is basically the closest you'll be able to get to Wii Tennis on the Switch.

The energy for movement will be filling up in a gauge.

There's a rock, paper, scissors element to the game, so there's a lot of strategy to this game even though it seems like it should be pretty basic. Wii U has already been a platform to Mario Tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash which were released in November 2015 on. Details of the online tourney will be released later. Of course, there will be a robust online multiplayer mode for players to enjoy. It will be released for the Switch and 3DS on July 13.

Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy is incoming. The vibrant bashing, spinning and explosion filled 3rd person platform game is completely overhauled with super awesome graphics.

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is coming to Switch with new content.

A whole batch of ports are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Hyrule Warriors on Switch launches May 18. Frequent tournaments will be held, so you will never be short of some online fun. Three stages will be brought to Splatoon 2: Piranha Pit and Camp Triggerfish from the original Splatoon will now be playable in its sequel, and new map, Wahoo World, will be making its debut as well.

Playstyle categories were also revealed in the presentation.

The expansion is coming in Summer of 2018. Until then advanced octo in-game costumes will have to do. Nintendo hasn't said anything about Smash for Switch, but countless fingers are crossed. Participating in these online tournaments will reward you with special in-game outfits and additional characters.

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