Jennifer Garner Won the Oscar For Best Arms - Here's How

Jennifer Garner Won the Oscar For Best Arms - Here's How

Jennifer Garner Won the Oscar For Best Arms - Here's How

"Congrats to 'Shape of Water, '" she says in a voice-over of her clip from Sunday night in the Instagram Story.

In her first series regular role since "Alias", the actress will play "a controlling LA mom who is far less cheerful than her Lululemons imply", according to HBO's description. Lastly, she added, "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham!".

Garner was applauding with the rest of the audience, including seat neighbor Chris Messina, when her hands noticeably stopped and her facial expression transitioned from stoic to bewildered.

One Twitter user, Jasmine L. Watkins, thought the actress may have "forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer" while another, Babatikidido, suggests that she may have left the iron on.

Thank goodness for all of us, Jennifer Garner has chosen the Drake route.

Taking to her Instagram story on Monday, Garner, 45, played a clip of her now-infamous reaction and spoke aloud the internal monologue that could have been playing through her head. Garner said. "Wait, where's my wallet?"

Though Garner didn't have any concrete answers as to what her big epiphany might have been, she was happy to offer up some possible explanations of her own.

Garner's viral moment comes a year after a video of Nicole Kidman's unusual clapping technique drew similar widespread attention. Her eyes then widen and her mouth slightly parts, like she just saw Casper the ghost or something.

Every awards season a few celebrities find their actions being turned into memes that go viral.

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