Google Play Instant lets you play games on Android without downloading

Google Play Instant lets you play games on Android without downloading

Google Play Instant lets you play games on Android without downloading

The Google Play Instant function will drop you into a game so you can experience what the game's like and see if it's a good fit for you, but for now, the demo content for each entry is a bit bare bones, and progress can't be saved or passed on to the full app. Want to check out Mighty Battles or Clash Royale? It says that the app is built for the older version of Android and it may not work in the updated version of Android. For example, the maximum file size for games that can be played instantly is 10MB, an increase from the 2MB maximum size for other apps.

Instant is still in a closed beta, but Google is working to rollout the experience to more people and is working with Unity, Cocos, and IDE to make building instant apps even easier.

Last year, Google launched Instant Apps, a way for developers to give users a native app experience that didn't involve having to install anything. Till now, one had to rely on YouTube videos or stock footage from the Play Store listing to get an idea of what a game looked like. The concept actually debuted back in 2016, but at the time it was mainly introduced for non-gaming apps including BuzzFeed, Vimeo, and gift-buying service Hollar.

You can check out Google Play Instant games in the Play Store, where you'll spot a "Try Now" button to the side of the usual "Install", same as things are for Instant Apps. The main advantage of these Instant games, though, is that users can try the game without having to install anything.

You can access Google Play Instant games by opening the Google Play Games app on your Android device or by heading to the Google Play Store.

The results can be pretty impressive. That was meant for apps to start, and now that feature is extending to games. They have since expanded instant apps, but this is the first time they are bringing games into the fold. But you can test games much faster than before. This is in addition to the current alpha/beta and limited to 100 testers.

At GDC, Google is also updating the Play Console with a new internal testing track "to quickly test and iterate on new games and features".

Not all games can be played instantly without downloading them, but there are a few titles with this feature already available.

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