Google Lens comes to all Android phones

Google Lens comes to all Android phones

Google Lens comes to all Android phones

The roll out is now for Android only, but Google says that iOS users will get Lens in Google Photos soon as well. For the average user, it's best to stay away from Android P in its current form and wait for Google to reopen its Android Beta program later this year. The company today released the first developer preview of Android P.

The Android P Developer Preview one is now official and available to download for anyone that is looking to get their hands on the latest software from Google.

Google is finally bringing Lens, its visual search engine to all Android devices. After a few months of exclusivity, the app has now come to other Android devices through Google Photos app. Google has officially announced the availability of Google Lens via their official Twitter handle.

It means you'll be able to use your phone camera to translate foreign-language signs or menus, identify dog breeds, and learn about famous buildings or monuments. These features are part of the Google Assistant, where the camera is used to scan and identify the object or place.

Will Lens work for your Android device?

Powered by AI, Google Lens can do many things like scanning business cards, bar codes, identifying objects or monuments, finding book reviews, etc., in real-time. Is Google Lens helpful, you may ask?

Google is also speeding up the Android Runtime, and adding optimisations for battery life with improvements to Doze, App Standby, and Background Limits. To use it, you have to first take a picture of anything and pull it up in Google Photos. As for iOS users, Google is yet to put a timeline on the arrival of Lens to Google Photos but it will happen with time. To start, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Photos app for Android, Google tweeted from its Photos account.

If you have Pixel, you might have already tried your hand on the Lens feature. Lucky for you, the user moneytoo over at the XDA Forums has created the Pay Enabler app to solve this issue.

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