'Change your clock, change your battery'

'Change your clock, change your battery'

'Change your clock, change your battery'

The Firemen's Association of the State of NY urges all residents to take this opportunity check their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure their homes are properly protected.

It's that time of year, the clocks move ahead tonight.

- Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old.

The Davenport Fire Department is encouraging citizens to change the batteries in smoke alarms and verify that the smoke alarms are working.

Smoke detectors are getting "more efficient" as well, says Yancey.

- Test smoke alarms at least once each month to ensure they are working properly. While you're at it, clean your smoke alarm.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends testing your smoke alarms as we spring one hour forward.

Commissioner Hudgens encourages all residents to test and clean dust from the smoke alarms monthly. In more than one-third of home fire deaths, no smoke alarms were present.

Always follow manufacturer's instructions when installing or replacing your alarm.

Low-Income Households - Many low-income families are unable to afford batteries for their smoke alarms.

Every day, 7 people in this country die from a home fire; another 36 people are injured, and home fires cause billions of dollars in property damage every year. "If you have a two bedroom home we'll put in two detectors in the rooms and one in the hallway", says Guetschow.

WSFA 12 News is teaming up with ARC in the launch of its "Sound the Alarm, Save a Life" campaign. Taking the time to practice both a primary and secondary escape plan is vital for knowing what to do if a real emergency were to occur.

Courtesy of the State Fire Marshal's website.

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