Apple Is Readying A Pair Of High-End Over-Ear Headphones

Apple Is Readying A Pair Of High-End Over-Ear Headphones

Apple Is Readying A Pair Of High-End Over-Ear Headphones

Bloomberg sources corroborate an earlier KGI report that Apple is working on high-end, over-ear headphones meant to compete with Bose.

The upcoming noise-canceling headphones will reportedly launch as early as the end of this year but could be facing development problems that would force it back into 2019.

A new report from Bloomberg corroborates rumors that Apple is working on high-end over-ear headphones with its own branding.

Because of this, we have absolutely no idea when Apple might release the headphones. Sources say there have been multiple redesigns and note it's possible Apple could change the design again or even scrap the project altogether.

With the AirPods being a massive success, Apple has plans to introduce a better iteration of the wireless earphones but it looks like the tech giant also wants to take on premium brands such as Bose. That would ostensibly put them in direct competition with the company's Beats by Dre subsidiary, which now sells its own pair of noise-cancelling headphones for $350. A recent Bloomberg report indicated that the upgraded Apple AirPods will be released this year and come equipped with a new wireless chip that will allow you to summon Siri by talking to the AirPods, making the interaction hands-free.

Pricing will be key for the new Apple headphones. However, unlike what some might expect, they won't be from Beats by Dre, a subsidiary of Apple.

Keep in mind that Apple's HomePod retails for $349, but for the company itself, it costs $216 to make, resulting in smaller margins. In the first seven months of 2017, the wireless headphone market sales increased by 22 percent compared to a year ago and Apple AirPods accounted for 85 percent of all wireless headphone dollar sales in the United States, according to research firm NPD Group.

It's believed that the new headphones will be priced towards the upper end of the market.

There's no word on when the headphones will arrive.

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