3 more Mainers die of flu as officials warn of second wave

3 more Mainers die of flu as officials warn of second wave

3 more Mainers die of flu as officials warn of second wave

A weekly surveillance report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention noted that while the number of reported cases of Influenza A had declined, the number of Influenza B incidents were up.

The report from the Pennsylvania health department stated, "There is usually co-circulation of influenza viruses during any one season and it's not uncommon for there to be second waves of influenza B activity during an influenza season".

The other states were Arizona, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming.

While the number of reported flu cases is down nationwide, a second wave of the illness is starting to spread.

That comes from a CDC study that began in 2000 and was released in 2012 that revealed that Influenza B infections tend to act quicker and have a higher level of cardiac injury associated with flu deaths, particularly in children, compared to Influenza A infections.

"It's probably one of the more severe years we've had in the past few decades", Haupt said.

As of Saturday, A strains had accounted for about 71 percent of flu cases in Pennsylvania in the 2017-2018 flu season, with B strains accounting for about 26 percent.

Taking antiviral drugs when prescribed. "Influenza B especially for young children".

If you are already vaccinated for influenza A, there is no need to get a separate vaccination for influenza B. But if you think you have the flu, check with your doctor for any concerns.

At this time, the influenza A strain had accounted for 75 percent of all cases.

There are four different types of influenza A, B, C, and D. And, each type has various strains.

So after speaking with the experts and looking at the raw data we can verify: flu season is not over quite yet.

CDC continues to recommend influenza vaccination while influenza viruses are circulating in the community; several more weeks of influenza activity are likely.

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