Trump has offered to equip American teachers

Trump has offered to equip American teachers

Trump has offered to equip American teachers

In the right-hand drawer of a desk at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is a file that teacher Ernest Rospierski desperately wants back.

Columbine horrified the nation in its scale and the cold-blooded method of the high school seniors who had spent a year planning their attack. This year has been rife with budget cuts to education across the country. "Far more danger", he said.

LOESCH: Many in legacy media love mass shootings.

The data reveals 346 mass shootings in all of 2017; 383 in 2016; 333 in 2015; and 271 in 2014.

Amid a continuing storm over gun violence in America, Mr Trump also pushed hard for arming security guards and many teachers in U.S. schools, insisting: "There's nothing more important than protecting our children".

A walkout of sorts also was undertaken in the Archdiocese of Miami, in which Parkland is located.

He theorized that 20 percent of teachers with "military or special training experience" could carry concealed weapons in school buildings. "You can't just tell people what it's going to feel like".

The question remains: How will elected officials respond to the student demands? The school's flags flew at half-staff, and the parking lot was still full of bicycles left behind in a panic as students fled the shooting on foot.

At least one policymaker, Sen.

Consideration should be given not only to age, but also to whether a potential gun owner is responsible enough to own an assault weapon in the first place.

Three more companies said Friday they had ended discount programs with the National Rifle Association, as US corporations take a closer look at investments, co-branding deals and other ties to the gun industry after the latest school massacre. No major gun legislation has been passed at the federal level since 2005, and no legislation restricting gun access or enforcing background checks has been passed at the federal level since 1994. Similar earlier efforts by Toomey, who also is Catholic, have failed under National Rifle Association resistance. "We believe here is bipartisan support for improving the background check bill".

"Many will applaud the move, but NRA members are famously loyal and the organization has shown itself as being very good at mobilizing its members, so there's a real possibility of a significant backlash", said Matt Schulz, the senior industry analyst at, in an emailed statement on First National Bank of Omaha's move to stop issue NRA-branded cards.

The NRA has borne the students' wrath. "Because these young people have ways of spreading these lists like wildfire".

The students have pointed to the millions of dollars the NRA spends on political activities, including contributions to candidates' campaigns. Oh sure, the president may express his concern but nothing will happen.

"The elites don't care not one whip about America's school system and school children", LaPierre told the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

Archbishop Wenski welcomed the student activism.

The father said he did not favour adopting new gun restrictions, but pleaded for Democrats and Republicans to come together to create new school safety measures.

"The church's position is clear on this. That's like, 'Here I am, take me.' We have to get smart on gun-free zones", the president said.

The president also called for the banning of bump stocks and is now pushing hard for comprehensive background checks "with an emphasis on mental health".

History teacher Ivy Schamis said she planned to put off returning until Monday, after processing all the funerals she attended over the last week and exploring the possibility of bringing a therapy dog.

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