Trudeau pitches Canada as tech jobs haven on trip to US

Trudeau pitches Canada as tech jobs haven on trip to US

Trudeau pitches Canada as tech jobs haven on trip to US

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet Chief Executive Jeff Bezos on Thursday during a tour of three major US cities this week to bolster support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is being renegotiated.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff did not specify why the company chose Canada but he said, "We know we'll be able to have a great business environment in Canada".

Two years ago when Trudeau took office, Canadian expats who were veterans of Silicon Valley talked to The Canadian Press about the hard sell their home country faced.

CEO of consultancy company MetaVRse highlighted last week during a discussion about the future of augmented and virtual reality industries in Canada that only homegrown investors can keep the profits in AR and VR industries from seeping across the border.

Trudeau is also expected to meet with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. Among his desires is requiring more made-in-America auto production and shifting more government contracts to USA companies.

The publication notes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is traveling to Silicon Valley today, in order to promote Canada's virtues as a global technology hub.

"The point of those meetings is to portray Canada as a good place to invest. and to explore opportunities related to job growth with those prominent business leaders who may be interested in expanding their operations in Canada", said spokesman Cameron Ahmad. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Friday morning before heading to Los Angeles.

A Canadian program allows businesses to get work permits for foreign workers in about two weeks.

Trudeau also met Thursday with Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos as Bezos considers possible locations for a second headquarters.

Donald Trump's presidency has made the pitch a little easier: all the tough talk about trade deals and immigration has changed the political climate in the United States.

Ahmad declined to comment specifically on the meeting with Bezos.

"We're going to continue to make an argument that it's not enough to just trade, we have to ensure that the benefits of trade are properly and fairly shared", he said.

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