Timberlake pays tribute to Minneapolis native Prince during halftime

Timberlake pays tribute to Minneapolis native Prince during halftime

Timberlake pays tribute to Minneapolis native Prince during halftime

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In an homage in Minneapolis to the state's native son Prince, who died in 2016, Timberlake played a white piano and sat beneath a projection of Prince on a screen to sing a cover of "I would Die 4 U".

A wide shot outside the stadium showed nearby buildings bathed in a purple glow as Prince's iconic symbol lit up the ground around the venue.

One of those was, Sheila E, who served as Prince's drummer on multiple occasions. Though Timberlake backed away from the incident scot-free, Jackson was not as fortunate. But that doesn't mean Jackson is joining JT for the show (Timberlake said he's not featuring any special guests, and Jackson confirmed she's not performing) and that doesn't mean Jackson fans are quieting down. "I'm going to write in my will that I am not to be hologrammed", he said.

National Football League who announced past year that Timberlake would be returning to the halftime show, received a heavy backlash from women over its decision. Reportedly, "To put to rest any speculation or rumours as to whether I will be performing at the Super Bowl tomorrow: I will not", Jackson said in the statement.

But Prince's longtime friend and former collaborator Sheila E. took to Twitter prior to the show to assure fans that she had spoken to Timberlake and that he had no plans to use a hologram.

She thanks her fans for their support and says she looks forward to seeing them very soon. It should be remembered that back in 2004, when Janet Jackson headlined the show, she and Timberlake had been involved in the controversial "nipplegate" scandal when the latter suddenly exposed Jackson's breast.

In related news, Timberlake released his latest album "Man of The Woods" just earlier this week on February 2.

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