Spotify Tests Free Pandora-Like 'Stations' Playlist App

Spotify Tests Free Pandora-Like 'Stations' Playlist App

Spotify Tests Free Pandora-Like 'Stations' Playlist App

The app will apparently learn by watching what you listen to, with the description stating "As you listen, it learns what you like and creates personalised stations that you'll love" - sounds interesting. Now, with an on-demand streaming option, a recent acquisition by Sirius XM, and a ton of competitors, there's no telling what the app's future may hold, especially with a new Spotify app called Stations.

Right now, Spotify calls Stations an "experiment", meaning it may or may not stick around in the long term.

The app, which is now only available in Australia, works a lot like Spotify's own Radio Stations found in the core Spotify app and repackaged in a free, new box. "Totally free." now, the ad-supported service is available exclusively for Android devices in Australia and not yet accessible in other territories.

Like Spotify it's free, but only if you're cool with ads interrupting your music experience. Spotify wants to keep those users onboard, which is what the new Stations app aims to achieve. We'll see if the company decides to make anything official in the days and weeks to come, but for now, head down to the comments section and let us know if you're able to download Stations while it's in this testing phase.

The app appears to be a streamlined, though somewhat watered-down version of Pandora.

You'll instead have to rely on the app's ability to automatically generate new playlists based on your musical tastes. It is much like a radio and users can scroll through playlists that are already there. So the more a user spends time on Stations, the easier it will be for the app to suggest new song lists to the user. It also put an end to copying-and-pasting links.

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