Redskins considering franchise tagging Kirk Cousins before trading him

Redskins considering franchise tagging Kirk Cousins before trading him

Redskins considering franchise tagging Kirk Cousins before trading him

For Kirk Cousins, his days of being Washington's starting quarterback are finished.

Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star reported on Tuesday that Washington will acquire Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs for cornerback Kendall Fuller and a 2018 third-round draft pick. Cousins may also hold off on signing the franchise tag if there is no sign he could get a long-term deal that he wants from the team he is possibly traded to.

Instead, Washington could place a franchise tag on him and not only get something back for him, but control where he goes. Schefter's report is hardly definitive, but that it's even out there that Cousins could be franchise tagged by the Redskins again means there may be something to it. The Redskins had until March 6 to decide whether to use the franchise tag on Cousins for an unprecedented third consecutive year, which would have resulted in a one-year deal worth close to $34.5 million.

Would a team give up more than that in this year's draft and pay Cousins?

Under this scenario, the Redskins could potentially get more for Cousins than just the 2019 compensation draft pick they would receive if he were to leave as a free agent. McCloughan recently shared he "doesn't see special" when evaluating Cousins, perhaps an indication of the franchise's view of the former Michigan State quarterback. Cousins told USA Today he spoke to owner Dan Snyder and coach Jay Gruden, but not team president Bruce Allen. Every player looks forward to free agency.

But Cousins could also undercut any return by telling teams that express interest in trading for him that he would not sign a long-term contract in 2018. But in order for Washington to trade Cousins, he would first have to sign the franchise tag tender.

Cousins could also delay signing the tag for months, meaning the quarterback could tie up the Redskins' cap space in free agency.

"At the end of the day, I want to win", Cousins said Friday. If that went on for a while, teams that might have been interested in Cousins would most likely move on to other options, not wanting to wait for a player they aren't sure will ever be available.

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