"Racist" Package Sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Under Investigation

"Racist" Package Sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Under Investigation

Police are investigating after a package claiming to contain deadly anthrax was sent to St James' Palace addressed to Meghan Markle, who is due to marry Prince Harry in just over three months.

The Metropolitan Police said that officers tested a substance in a package received at St James's Palace, which the London Evening Standard said was a white powder.

Police are also investigating an allegation of malicious communications in relation to the letter.

Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36, have since been informed about the incident as an investigation gets underway into whether the two letters are linked.

Analysis taken from both letters found the powder they contained to be harmless.

Meghan, who will join the Royal family when she weds Prince Harry on 19th May, is mixed race.

A letter, addressed to the couple at Kensington Palace, caused a security scare after being intercepted before it reached them.

The second letter was reportedly sent to the office of Home Secretary Amber Rudd at the Houses of Parliament but the material inside was also found to be non-harmful.

The carriage procession will travel along a route through the streets of Windsor before heading back to Windsor Castle. The Evening Standard said the package was sent there for sorting before delivery.

No arrests have so far been made.

"They hope this short journey will provide an opportunity for more people to come together around Windsor and to enjoy the atmosphere of this special day", Kensington Palace has said.

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