Pakistani nation stands united on Kashmir issue: PM Khaqan

Pakistani nation stands united on Kashmir issue: PM Khaqan

Pakistani nation stands united on Kashmir issue: PM Khaqan

President Mamnoon Hussain addressed the main ceremony of the Kashmir Solidarity Day in Islamabad. Saeed said he would dedicate 2018 to "Kashmiris who are struggling for freedom".

Referring to the future of South Asia and Kashmir dispute, the Speaker remarked that peace in South Asia will remain elusive when world's so-called largest democracy unleash brute force against the people of Kashmir.

While expressing solidarity with people of Kashmir, General Qamar Javed Bajwa said independence is the destination of Kashmir and it will arrive soon.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi spoke on Monday to the local parliament in Muzaffarabad, the seat of the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir.

He remarked that forceful occupation of Kashmir was against the modern norms of nation state and people's basic right to self-determination - the right to form government as per people's aspirations free from foreign interference.

"I fail to understand as to why Islamabad is ignoring the sacrifices of Kashmiri people".

The Pakistani leadership called upon the worldwide community to urge India to respect the Human Rights Charter, put an immediate end to "gross human rights violations" in Kashmir.

On the other hand, Tehreek-e-Muzahamat Chairman Bilal Ahmed Sidiqui in a statement said that Pakistani efforts regarding the resolution of the Kashmir dispute were unforgettable. He reaffirmed the steadfast support of the people and government of Pakistan extended to the Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their struggle to achieve their inherent right to decide their future through self-determination on the occasion of solidarity.

The Pakistani ambassador added, "Recently, the Indian forces have employed new tactics [against the Kashmiris] ..., blinding thousands of innocent civilians by pellet guns".

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