Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Man alleges his Apple AirPods earphone blew up

Colon puts the blame squarely on the batteries, and believes that other AirPods owners need to be warned. A search of Apple's support forums turned up two reports of AirPods growing warm or hot after 30 minutes of use. He left the AirPod on a piece of workout equipment to get help.

Colon suspects a faulty battery is behind the incident - according to Apple, a failed electronic battery can lead to internal damage and overheating. But when Colon returned, the AirPod had popped open, and char marks turned parts of the white plastic grey.

A man in Florida was taken aback when his AirPods started to malfunction and releasing smoke while he was at the gym this week.

Jason Colon of Tampa, Florida told local media outlet WFLA that his AirPod blew up while he was at a gym in nearby St. Petersburg.

"I didn't you, know, see it happen, but I mean it was already fried", Colon said.

Colon immediately removed the AirPods, and after a while, he observed that the earbud was starting to melt. "You can see where it looks like there's flame damage". "But I'm sure that since it hangs down, it could've been [my] ear lobe, you know, my ear lobe could've been burnt".

In 2016, Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 after some phones caught fire because of a defect in the batteries.

A spokesperson from Apple has told the news station that it is investigating the incident to find out what exactly happened. It's a very good revolutionary product which has set new benchmarks in the industry with its first version. By the time he got back, one of the AirPods had blown up, he claims.

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