Good for Windows 10, Bad for Office — Microsoft Support Changes

Good for Windows 10, Bad for Office — Microsoft Support Changes

Good for Windows 10, Bad for Office — Microsoft Support Changes

The next major upgrade to its Office productivity suite, Office 2019, will be available to Windows 10 users only - leaving Mac users and users of Windows 7 out in the cold, or forcing users to upgrade to the cloud-based version, Office 365.

Microsoft unveiled its next version of Office suite, the Office 2019 past year during its "Ignite" conference in September.

If you're one of the Windows 7 holdouts, you're now among the minority, as just over two and a half years since its first release, Windows 10 has now become the most popular Windows operating system, with more than 40 percent of the total share. Which is the same day on which Microsoft will end extended support for Office 2016. It was mentioned that Office 2019 won't be hitting those PCs who are running any OS version later than Windows 10.

When the next version of Microsoft Office launches later this year it will only be supported on Windows 10. Nearly two years later Microsoft only managed to bring Windows 10 to 600 million active devices. Well yesterday, Microsoft posted an article where they gave more information about Office 2019.

Larger organizations in particular are still hesitant to migrate because of various concerns, most often the automatic update cadence that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10, Mangan said.

Tying Office 2019 to Windows 10 appears to be the latest in a series of moves by Microsoft created to push firms to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1, such as scaling back support for older versions of Windows on newer processors and casting doubt on the security of Windows 7. While Windows 7 has lost 5% during the last 12 months, Windows 10 has gained over than 10%. The next release of Windows 10 will be called "Spring Creators Update", while we're not sure if the name has been finalised. Also judging by the end of extended support of Office 2019, we should expect it being released around October, but we have to wait and see. Windows 10 has been on a good rise during the previous year, and Windows 7 has slowly been declining.

Others viewed Microsoft's decision as a harbinger of an Office 365-only world.

This report dovetails with a brief appearance of Windows 10 Home in S Mode, noted on February 2 by Neowin.Net.

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