Good Economy Boosts Trump to Highest Rating in Seven Months

Good Economy Boosts Trump to Highest Rating in Seven Months

Good Economy Boosts Trump to Highest Rating in Seven Months

Just 44% of voters approved of Obama, while 56% disapproved.

51 percent approve of how Trump is handling the economy, versus 43 percent who don't.

75 percent of American voters say they are in good or excellent shape financially. The tax plan itself has experienced a 13-point jump in approval since it passed, from 26% to 39%.

But he still gets low marks on immigration, foreign policy, and how he handles classified information. The new numbers come days after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes released a memo alleging that the Federal Bureau of Investigation abused its surveillance authority in obtaining a warrant for then-Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

58 percent disapprove of how he handles classified information; 32 percent approve. Eighty-one percent of voters said that undocumented immigrants brought to the children should be allowed to stay and eventually apply for citizenship. Forty-four percent say there is no obstruction. Two-thirds of American voters overall give a resounding "no" to that question -- but Republican voters are roughly evenly split.

Mueller's investigation is legitimate, 50 percent of voters say, while 42 percent say it is a "political witch hunt".

The issue of immigration is not worth a government shutdown, 66 percent of voters say.

Tim Malloy, assistant director for the poll, said in a news release that the recent State of the Union speech may have helped Trump's standing with voters.

The telephone poll of 1,333 voters nationwide was conducted from February 2 through February 5.

"Americans are feeling good about their personal finances, but we'll have to see whether the Wall Street plunge takes a toll on the guy in charge", Malloy said.

Quinnipiac University ran the poll February 2-5, surveying 1,333 voters nationwide.

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