Envoy's visit was cancelled at India's request, says Maldives

Envoy's visit was cancelled at India's request, says Maldives

Envoy's visit was cancelled at India's request, says Maldives

The Maldives Broadcasting Commission had earlier warned media stations they could face closure if they were deemed a threat to national security, incited unrest with false information or endangered the public interest, according to news reports. "Those now in the country should consider the remainder of their stay there", the ministry added. "Those who choose to remain should follow local and worldwide media reports, take extra precautions, and avoid crowded areas and demonstrations".

A general view of the Mulee-aage, the official residence of the President of the Maldives, in Male on February 7, 2018. However, the ministry stressed that it is not forbidden by Israeli law to visit the Maldives.

The Maldives has been in crisis since last week, when the Supreme Court quashed convictions ranging from corruption to terrorism of nine opposition figures, including former president Mohamed Nasheed, its first democratically elected leader.

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen refused Thursday to meet senior European diplomats who were the first foreign dignitaries to visit the troubled nation since his crackdown on the islands' judiciary.

A delegation of diplomats from Britain, the European Union and Germany, was denied a meeting with Yameen and his cabinet colleagues, the German embassy in Sri Lanka said.

An embassy statement said Foreign Minister Asim was scheduled to reach India on Thursday but the visit was cancelled at New Delhi's request.

"We look forward to a mutually convenient time to carry this dialogue forward so that there is better understanding and misconceptions cleared without the need to be sensitive", he said.

The diplomats, based in neighbouring Sri Lanka but also accredited to the Maldives , arrived in Male after the regime said it was open to foreign observers visiting the country. Sources said India has "not seen any real action on the concerns stated by the worldwide community and India" and that "democratic institutions and the judiciary continue to be undermined and concerns ignored, (and that) these issues need to be properly addressed".

Israel's is not the first travel warning to the country.

Western governments, as well as neighbouring India and China have asked their citizens not to go on holiday to the Maldives , a nation of 1,192 tiny coral islands scattered 800-kilometres (550-miles) across the equator. Just last week, India had said the Maldivian government must "respect and abide" by last Thursday night's order of the Supreme Court of the Maldives on the "release of all political prisoners" there.

Yameen refused to comply and insisted that the court reverses its order.

Abdulla Yameen left out key regional power India, which had joined Britain, the United States and the United Nations in calling for the lifting of the emergency and the freeing of two supreme court judges whose ruling against Yameen sparked new instability.

India is seen to be pro-Mohamed Nasheed, the former President who is in exile, while Yameen has cosied up to China in a big way.

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