Canada advance to semis in top spot at curling mixed doubles

Canada advance to semis in top spot at curling mixed doubles

Canada advance to semis in top spot at curling mixed doubles

Siblings Matt and Becca Hamilton beat Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, competing as Olympic Athletes from Russian Federation, 9-3.

After coming out of the first end trailing by one, the Canadians took a 4-1 lead in the second end and would finish the game without allowing a Switzerland score in the final five ends. How rare is a six-ender? There are only two players on each team - a man and a woman - as opposed to four. Team OAR could end up in any of the other 2-4 seeds based on Saturday night's games.

The U.S. team was able to score only one point with its power-play option engaged in the seventh end, sending the game into the final end tied.

Switzerland stole a point in the opening end, but it was all Canada from there.

With two rocks on the red zone of the target to start the ninth end, Finland was in prime position to get a much-needed win.

"Nice to get out on the ice, surprisingly didn't feel any jitters", Hamilton told reporters after the win. She then raced ahead and joined in the sweeping frenzy as the rock drew close to the button.

The scoring is the same as in regular curling. Ideal scores in professional-level curling are so unusual that various countries' curling clubs have special awards for them.

Canada is guaranteed the No. 1 seed in the semifinals.

Rios laughed when asked if he was aware he and his teammate had set a record for first flawless curling score at the games.

"For the most part, we played a pretty good game", Matt Hamilton said. "It helps when Kaitlyn is making some great last shots".

Despite the rough loss, the Hamiltons were gracious in defeat.

"It's the first time that they have ever had like a two-on-two slot format in the Olympics", Matt Hamilton told before he and his sister set off for the games. "They're defending world champs, so hats off to them". "My brother's a little more honest, blunt about missing shots".

They have squabbled on the ice since they were kids. In curling, the ice is covered in frozen water droplets known as "pebbles", and changes in the temperature or humidity can affect how the stone travels across the surface. "I mean, right from the first rock - ideal draws, flawless taps, double-takeouts, a couple in-offs". If me and Matt are fighting we're not going to get anywhere on the ice. The Wisconsin duo fell to Switzerland in the first round of round robin play, but are still in the running.

In the afternoon session's other games, Canada beat Finland 8-2 and Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) narrowly beat China 6-5.

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