Apple HomePod vs Google Home Max: Which Smart Speaker is Better?

Apple HomePod vs Google Home Max: Which Smart Speaker is Better?

Apple HomePod vs Google Home Max: Which Smart Speaker is Better?

Apple has been using the service quite a bit for advertising, most recently running ads for the Homepod - but 18 months after joining Twitter, Apple still hasn't sent out even a single tweet.

Finally, the HomePod is yet another major brick in Apple's walled garden. The speaker is powered by Apple A8 chip that makes it a smarter option in the town. Apple is late to the game, but they are confident in their HomePod smart speaker system that is self-learning based off of Siri.

This year, 30 million people in the USA will use an Amazon Echo, according to eMarketer, which projected overall voice-enabled smart speak share at 68% for Amazon Echo and 25% for Google Home.

Likewise, The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern said that "HomePod nails the speaker but struggles at smart".

Indeed, the Apple HomePod is an excellent standalone speaker system, and could be purchased for this reason alone. Users can play tunes from Spotify, yes, but it's not integrated properly on there.

Multi-speaker support: Right now, it's hard enough to swallow paying $349 for one HomePod, but if Apple's going to convince anyone to buy two or more, it needs to get paired and multi-room modes working properly. But if you want a useful smart assistant as well as the freedom to use whatever service you want, it's best to walk on by. In particular, those who already own Android devices will definitely benefit from the Google Assistant, and the ability to collaborate with other Android-driven hardware. Others prefer subtle white noise or unobtrusive ambient music play in offices to improve their concentration, provide some privacy, and mute varied conversations, HVAC sounds, and other environmental noises that are common in offices. Instead, you have to either open Siri on the phone - or go to Apple Maps manually - and search for it again.

That is not to say that the Amazon Echo is a bad system in this department, far from it, but the Google Home voice recognition capability is superior to either of its competitors. Google is already known for being able to answer nearly any question and help you get from A to B. Microsoft products can be found in nearly every workplace. "Siri doesn't even work as well on HomePod as it does on the iPhone".

A HomePod ordered today is expected to be delivered by February 22 at the earliest, according to the Apple site, though those who preordered are expected to receive them earlier. "It's got better separation and bass response than anything else in its size and boasts a nuance and subtlety of sound that pays off the 7 years Apple has been working on it", said TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino. But while Apple stores may be in short supply of the speaker, you're likely to have more luck at the many third-party retailers also offering the curvy speaker.

The Google Home Max lets users shop using just their voice.

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