Tech Worker Buses Targeted On Bay Area Freeway

Tech Worker Buses Targeted On Bay Area Freeway

Tech Worker Buses Targeted On Bay Area Freeway

Five charter buses carrying Apple and Google employees had windows damaged Tuesday while driving on Interstate 280, according to the California Highway Patrol. Fortune reports the attacks took place on highway 280, so Apple diverted its buses, though doing so adds up to 45 minutes of commute time.

The occupied buses' windows were hit and shattered by what might have been "rubber rounds" fired from afar, according to a Mashable report.

"It appears that they're going after the unmarked tech buses", Montiel told SFGate. It was alleged that someone has shoot out the windows using pellet guns or possibly throwing rocks.

About four years ago, Google's shuttle buses were attacked that provide pick and drop facility to the company's employees.

Apple's decision to build a data center in Reno in 2012 kickstarted a wave of big-name tech projects coming to the Reno area, as well as a new approach to economic development.

Companies like Google and Apple run commuter buses in the areas around their campuses, giving employees a way to commute to and from work for free.

"[We're] taking the precaution of re-routing shuttles as we hear of any incidents", Google wrote an in an internal email, according to Mashable. The attacks happened on January 12 and January 16.

Apple confirmed to Mashable that buses are indeed being rerouted, and that it is working with law enforcement to investigate.

Following the incidents Apple sent an e-mail to its employees, saying that its coaches had been temporarily rerouted.

Why are the buses being attacked?

The motive of these attacks is still unclear, but this isn't the first time buses used by Silicon Valley giants have been vandalized.

Demonstrators in 2013 and 2014 blocked and damaged buses to protest the booming tech industry's impact on affordable housing and the gentrification of San Francisco.

Interestingly, the buses aren't exactly marked out as Apple or Google but can still be made out from their distinctive color scheme.

The Redwood City CHP is now working with Apple and Google to identify the sources of the past week's attacks.

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