Statewide minimum wage hike starts today

Statewide minimum wage hike starts today

Statewide minimum wage hike starts today

Minimum wage earners in NY and New Jersey are in for a raise with the new year.

The federal government established a minimum wage in a 1938 law called the Fair Labor Standards Act, which also marked the first time that employers were legally required to pay workers overtime for certain jobs. If pay rates had increased in parallel with those of chief executives, then it should have been £12.74 an hour, which works out to nearly £12,000 more than people are now paid.

It was announced back in October 2017's Budget that the Irish minimum wage would be increased, with the new sum to be tallied in 2018.

"I'm very concerned raising the cost of entry-level jobs will highlight the differences in cost between doing business in NY versus other states", Goodell said on Friday. The minimum wage for employees of smaller businesses with fewer than 11 employees will be $12/hour. A statewide increase goes into effect Sunday. The disparity in pay is so great that those at the bottom of the wage ladder could be earning an additional £5.24 per hour if their pay had risen at the same rate over the last 20 years as the pay of FTSE 100 chief executives.

Some cities in the Bay Area will have an increase in wages that will be higher. The increase will be phased in over a longer period for workers in the rest of the state. Employees seem to feel that it does not matter, if you switch jobs or not when getting paid so little. When the wages increase, it makes it "cost effective" for employers to look for alternatives like self-check outs and other automated systems.

"The paid family leave requirements of New York State have taken money out of employee paychecks and have created scheduling challenges for employers in a time when finding employees is hard".

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