'Serial Stowaway' Woman Arrested For Flying To London Without Ticket

'Serial Stowaway' Woman Arrested For Flying To London Without Ticket

'Serial Stowaway' Woman Arrested For Flying To London Without Ticket

She then took a shuttle to the worldwide terminal and a day later she boarded the London-bound British Airways flight.

However, this is not the first time that Hartman has been detained for trying to bypass airport security in the U.S. and claimed she may have boarded planes without a ticket eight times.

Instead, authorities say she made her way onto a shuttle bus to the International Terminal, even though fliers must show a plane ticket and a passport.

Judge Stephanie K. Miller told Hartman's attorney, "There is no pun intended for your client, but she is a flight risk given the number of offenses".

Charges include felony theft and misdemeanor criminal trespassing. In 2015, she was arrested twice in two months at O'Hare and Chicago's Midway Airport, and she's also been nabbed in California and Arizona.

Hartman, of Grayslake, Ill., was flown back to O'Hare and Chicago police and other officials were waiting for her when she arrived, prosecutors said.

Hartman was detained by British Customs officials when she arrived at Heathrow Airport on January 15, Chicago police said in a statement.

In 2014 she was arrested three times. Hartman reportedly received psychiatric treatment while she was jailed.

The Transportation Security Administration has launched an investigation into how Hartman was able to slip by security, a spokesman said in a statement Friday, according to the Tribune.

"We are working with our law enforcement partners to support a comprehensive and thorough investigation, while continuing to maintain the highest levels of security at O'Hare Airport", said Andrea Huffman, spokesperson for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The TSA is no match for Marilyn Hartman. "During the initial investigation it was determined that the passenger was screened at the security checkpoint before boarding a flight".

In 2016 she was sentenced to six months in a mental health facility in IL for attempting to bypass security at two of the state's major airports.

Hartman was living at an apartment facility for low-income seniors before her latest arrest and is due in court on Saturday.

Hartman claimed that people - airport security, public transit passengers, jail inmates, President Barack Obama - have all conspired to compel her to sneak onto planes in an elaborate attempt to punish her, and then allow her to escape lengthy prison sentences so she can do it all over again, and again.

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