Ousted Catalan Leader Puigdemont In Denmark Despite Threat By Spain

Ousted Catalan Leader Puigdemont In Denmark Despite Threat By Spain

Ousted Catalan Leader Puigdemont In Denmark Despite Threat By Spain

Spanish prosecutors requested that the Supreme Court in Madrid reissue a European arrest warrant against him, El Pais newspaper reported Monday.

The prosecution service said it would "immediately" have a supreme court judge issue an arrest warrant for the secessionist leader, sacked by Madrid after the Catalan parliament declared independence on October 27, and urge Denmark to hand him over.

A European arrest warrant for him and four deputies was dropped in December by the court, which said it could complicate Spain's own legal probe and control over the case.

While at first glance a blow to Madrid's efforts to have Puigdemont arrested, the court's decision could also make it more hard for the former Catalan leader to be allowed to vote.

Puigdemont is to take part in a debate on Catalonia at the University of Copenhagen later today. The trip is Puigdemont's first outside Belgium.

Mr Puigdemont told students the actions of Madrid were acts of "revenge".

His candidacy will be voted on by the end of the month.

The Faeroes and Greenland have long sought more autonomy while allowing Denmark to handle their foreign affairs and defense.

He also talked about an April 25 constitutional referendum in the Faeroe Islands, a Danish territory.

In his address at the University of Copenhagen, he said that the European Union showed "failures" in the face of crises both inside and outside its borders. Prosecutors were calling for Puigdemont to be arrested in Denmark, where he traveled on Monday.

Although the ex-president is hoping to be sworn into his position via videolink, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says Puigdemont must attend any debates in person.

The Spanish government has threatened to arrest him the moment he sets foot back in Spain.

The controversy came as Mr Puigdemont was nominated by the speaker of the Catalan parliament, Roger Torrent, to head the regional government on Monday.

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