Nvidia pushes into computing, teams up with Uber and Volkswagen

Nvidia pushes into computing, teams up with Uber and Volkswagen

Nvidia pushes into computing, teams up with Uber and Volkswagen

"It starts with, of course, building a brand-new type of processor we call the Drive Xavier, an autonomous machine processor that is able to do deep learning, perception, has the ability to do parallel computing and also computer vision and high-performance computing at very, very energy-efficient levels".

The systems can be updated throughout the life of the vehicle via software updates, and can gain new capabilities as further developments are made in autonomous driving, Volkswagen said.

"Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the vehicle", declared Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess in a statement. These included product sampling and release specifics (Drive Xavier, Drive Pegasus), new vehicle partnerships, a 50%+ increase in software developer engagements in the past year, and a full software stack to sit on top of its Drive systems including functional safety, simulation and AR, and intelligent experience.

Diess added, "Autonomous driving, zero-emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning".

Aurora is just one of many companies lining up to work with Nvidia. The company unveiled the chip back in 2016 and now it is shipping out to customers. VW Group plans to launch commercial fleets of self-driving electric vehicles in two to five cities beginning in 2021. This is all part of NVIDIA's wider strategy for putting AI into cars, so that computers will one day completely drive you around, or provide you with safe and accurate info should you want to drive yourself. The chip maker, which has already partnered with the industry through companies such as Tesla and Chinese Baidu, is stepping up its efforts to develop self-driving technology.

With two of the world's three biggest manufacturers on board, Nvidia is poised to dominate the autonomous vehicle game.

The AI infusion will give the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz "Intelligent Co-Pilot" capabilities, which will include convenience and driver assistance systems based on processing sensor data from both inside and outside of the auto. NVIDIA is working with more than 320 companies and organizations on autonomous vehicle development, Huang says.

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