NTSB says it's investigating crash of Tesla on freeway

NTSB says it's investigating crash of Tesla on freeway

NTSB says it's investigating crash of Tesla on freeway

A video posted to Reddit on Wednesday shows an owner of a Tesla Model X using the car's "summon" feature - which allows it to back out of a garage or parking space without assistance from a human driver - to prompt the vehicle to drive out of a large puddle.

Tesla said in a statement that autopilot is "intended for use only with a fully attentive driver".

Autopilot also allows Tesla vehicles to change lanes and brake autonomously.

The Tesla's driver said he had the vehicle's Autopilot driver-assist system engaged when it struck the fire truck, the union for Culver City, Calif., firefighters said on Twitter Jan. 22.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Authority has launched an investigation into a crash that involved a Tesla Model S and a fire truck.

The safety board sent two investigators to Culver City on Tuesday, according to spokesman Peter Knudson, while NHTSA confirmed Wednesday that it is also dispatching a special team "to investigate the crash and assess lessons learned". "Amazingly there were no injuries!"

The California Highway Patrol and Culver City Fire Department told the San Jose Mercury News that the EV had rear-ended the truck, which was blocking the emergency or carpool lane at the scene of a previous accident. "Please stay alert while driving!" the union said in the tweet. It couldn't confirm whether it was in Autopilot mode.

The NTSB has previously said Tesla's Autopilot system was a contributing factor in a 2016 fatal crash in Florida.

Tesla has taken steps to prevent drivers from using Autopilot improperly, including measuring the amount of torque applied to the steering wheel and sending visual and audio warnings. The system monitors whether a driver is paying attention using a small camera on the top of the steering wheel column to track head position. The system combines advanced cruise control and automatic steering systems that allow for hands-free driving in limited scenarios but Tesla says the human driver should pay attention to the road at all times.

The starting price of a Tesla Model S is around $68,000. As the vehicle attempted to readjust back into its original lane, GM claims that the motorcycle, traveling at a higher speed, had moved into the Chevy's way and subsequently bounced off of its side.

"The motorcyclist was determined to be at fault for attempting to overtake and pass another vehicle on the right under conditions that did not permit that movement in safety", the DMV wrote in a report.

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