Nintendo Switch and 3DS are getting these big eShop games

Nintendo Switch and 3DS are getting these big eShop games

Nintendo Switch and 3DS are getting these big eShop games

"The Game Developers Conference has surveyed almost 4,000 game developers as part of the sixth annual State of the Industry Survey, which provides a snapshot of the game industry and highlights industry trends ahead of GDC 2018 in March", the official report explains. Last year, developers that were working on a Nintendo Switch title were at a 3% level while this year that number has reached 12%, which is a huge rise considering the Switch is a hybrid console.

Nearly 4,000 developers were polled, of which 36 percent listed Switch as the platform they are most interested in creating content for.

The majority of respondents to the question "have Switch game sales compared to the average across all the platforms you've launched on" answered sales have been average or greater than average, with only 16% saying sales were less than average.

But while interest in Switch is growing, PlayStation 4 remains the primary console on which developers are focusing their attention.

Furthermore, developers say their games sell as well (23 percent) or better (28 percent) on the Switch as other consoles - a point worth noting since the install base for the Switch is smaller than that of its competitors.

Meanwhile, things look less rosy for virtual reality. Keep in mind that the Switch hasn't even been on store shelves for a year yet.

Confidence in VR is down, but the Vive is still the most popular VR headset.

Finally, other highlights of the GDC 2018 survey were virtual and augmented reality, where there was a decrease in the interest of developers over previous year and the controversial loot boxes, where 11% of developers said they will integrate that monetization model in their games. "Notably, 11% said their next game would include "paid item crates", suggesting that approximately 1 in 10 game makers is figuring out how to implement something like a loot box mechanic in their next game".

12% of developers are now making a game for Switch in 2018.

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