Mobile Comes Out On Top in Latest OpenSignal Report

Mobile Comes Out On Top in Latest OpenSignal Report

Mobile Comes Out On Top in Latest OpenSignal Report

But T-Mobile has clearly taken advantage of Verizon's recent misfortunes, boosting its lead over all other operators in our LTE download metric. Both T-Mobile and Verizon's scored well over 90 percent in the same segment.

And even though 3G isn't as fast or widely used, it's still an important metric, if only because sometimes you can't get a 4G LTE signal and need to fall back on slower 3G. Although both Verizon and AT&T are seeing some recovery in network speed after the reintroduction of their unlimited plans past year, T-Mobile has again topped almost every category in OpenSignal's testing.

Compared to a year ago, when T-Mobile and Verizon were neck and neck for 4G LTE download speed - 16.65 Mbps and 16.89 Mbps, respectively - T-Mobile pulled ahead with an average download speed of 19.42 Mbps compared to 17.77 Mbps on Verizon.

When AT&T and Verizon launched their respective unlimited plans, both networks showed a decrease in 4G speeds.

T-Mobile's the fastest 4G LTE network in the US for now, but that doesn't mean Verizon and the rest of the gang can't catch up.

Just as important as speed is the availability of a 4G connection. It was the first major USA operator to launch LTE when the technology was only in its infancy, and when Verizon's 4G speeds began suffering under capacity strains in 2013, it responded with a major upgrade it called XLTE, which poured enormous amounts of capacity back into its networks.

The report added that LTE availability increased on the networks of all four top carriers and that 2018 could prove to be even more unpredictable than 2017 - particularly if Verizon takes steps to bolster its capacity on the road to 5G networks. T-Mobile beat the other carriers on the 3G latency test, but not 4G. T-Mobile won or tied for best 4G speed in 24 of the 33 markets OpenSignal measured, while Verizon won or tied in 23 of those markets. The router will be available free of charge for existing AT&T customers. As in our last report, the two leading operators were extremely close in this metric, though T-Mobile barely edged out Verizon for our 4G availability award in the 4th quarter. The only category they didn't win was 4G latency, which AT&T posted the best score in. And that's impressive. T-Mobile wins this category too, albeit by just about the smallest percentage possible over a tie to Verizon. "While a year ago the two were tied in LTE speed, T-Mobile is now clearly locked into the lead spot of OpenSignal's 4G speed rankings". Our AT&T testers were able to find an LTE signal 87% of the time, while our Sprint users tapped into an LTE signal 85.7% of the time.

T-Mobile's download speed has steadily climbed over the past year, according to OpenSignal's testing.

2018 could prove to be an even more unpredictable year than its predecessor for the US mobile industry. If T-Mobile's service is so good, why don't they have more customers than their competitors?

OpenSignal said in its report, " The stakes couldn't be higher in 2018.

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