Fatal "Swatting" episode in Kansas raises quandary: Who is to blame?


Fatal "Swatting" episode in Kansas raises quandary: Who is to blame?

But he blamed the shooting on police and the Call of Duty player who had given him Finch's address - "taunting me to swat".

"Barris served time after being charged by state authorities in Los Angeles for making threats and was released earlier this year", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement, but did not directly link the sentence to the KABC bomb threat. "The irresponsible actions of a prankster put people and lives at risk".

For now, Wichita police appear to be putting the blame exclusively on the prank 911 call, saying that "the irresponsible actions of a prankster put people and lives at risk", and that "due to the actions of a prankster, we have an innocent victim". The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department listed his charge level as a felony, but spokesmen for the Wichita and Los Angeles police departments declined to detail the charges against him.

Livingston said the department's thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased and with the officer who fired the fatal shot.

Officers surrounded the address and said Mr Finch answered the door, following instructions to put his hands up and move slowly.

Saturday evening, the YouTube host played the 911 call from the Thursday night "swatting" incident and interviewed a man who provided an inside look on how an argument with an online "Call of Duty" game led to the "swatting" call.

During the Thursday 911 call, Barriss told police that his father had been shot in the head and he was holding his mother and sibling at gunpoint. Police and FBI are investigating whether an argument over an online game prompted the prank call, which did not appear to involve the victim. Fearing that Finch was reaching for a gun, an officer fired a single shot that struck the man, who turned out to be unarmed.

After noticing the red and blue lights outside, Lisa Finch said, her son opened the door to see what was happening. An FBI supervisor in Kansas City, Missouri, which covers all of Kansas, said the agency joined in the investigation at the request of local police. For instance, at 6:44pm SWAuTistic said he had poured gasoline around the home and was thinking about lighting it; Fitch was shot at 6:43pm, just as these further threats were being made.

Lisa Finch on Friday told reporters "that cop murdered my son over a false report in the first place". "[The officer] took me, my roommate and my granddaughter, who witnessed the shooting and had to step over her dying uncle's body".

The FBI estimates that roughly 400 cases of swatting occur annually, with some using caller ID spoofing to disguise their number.

Officers then entered the home and found four individuals inside alive and unharmed, police said. Armed officers in 2016 responded to an anonymous call claiming an active shooter was at Clark's home. The player who was threatened did not live there and an innocent family had their home stormed by police and it ended in a fatality.

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