Drunk Driver Tells Police His Tesla Was On Autopilot

Drunk Driver Tells Police His Tesla Was On Autopilot

Drunk Driver Tells Police His Tesla Was On Autopilot

It was a Tesla Model S and IAFF Local 1927 (Culver City Firefighters) reports the vehicle was traveling at 65 miles per hour.

Such an incident on this accident-prone highway wouldn't normally be newsworthy, but an official Twitter account for the fire department in question reported the driver was operating in Tesla's autopilot mode.

The California Highway Patrol said in a tweet that the man's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. It says consumers are confusing autopilot - now available on some models of Cadillac, Volvo, Audi, and Nissan, as well as Tesla - with autonomous driving technology. If this was a case of the driver sticking on Autopilot, and forgetting their responsibility to watch the road ahead it wouldn't be the first time. "System safeguards, that should have prevented the Tesla's driver from using the car's automation system on certain roadways, were lacking and the combined effects of human error and the lack of sufficient system safeguards resulted in a fatal collision that should not have happened", said Sumwalt. This means that Tesla's autopilot is "driver-assisted" technology that requires drivers to always be fully aware and ready to take control to the steering wheel and pedals. While evidence revealed the Tesla driver was not attentive to the driving task, investigators could not determine from available evidence the reason for his inattention. There's also "ultrasonic" sensors all around the vehicle to detect hard and soft objects. Since then, Tesla has also updated its "autopilot" system.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board is gathering information about an accident involving a Tesla Inc.

A company's spokesperson reported that the autopilot system is created to work with a fully attentive driver. A subsequent investigation by the US National Transportation Safety Board found the driver was speeding and had been warned by the auto six times to keep his hands on the wheel.

Authorities have not identified the driver of the Tesla that crashed into the firetruck on the Bay Bridge. A Tesla Model S, it should be noted, that was driving itself using Tesla's supposedly "legit" Autopilot software.

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