Donald Trump Apologises For Sharing Anti-Muslim Videos on Twitter

Donald Trump Apologises For Sharing Anti-Muslim Videos on Twitter

Donald Trump Apologises For Sharing Anti-Muslim Videos on Twitter

President Donald Trump said in a British television interview Friday that he was ready to apologize for retweeting anti-Muslim videos from a far-right British group, and he reiterated his assertions that he is not a racist.

The world has learned by now that Trump's Twitter feed knows no bounds.

He did, however, say that Trump was reluctant to apologize, the Daily Mail reports.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May criticized the president saying Trump was "wrong" to send out the tweets. "I know nothing about them (Britain First), I know nothing about them today, other than I read a little bit".

He said: "If you're telling me they're frightful racist people, I would certainly apologise if you would like me to do that".

Morgan said that Trump "publicly apologised" for retweeting the messages and added that the President said he "did not know who they were". One claimed to show a Muslim man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary; another professed to have captured a "Muslim migrant" beating up a "Dutch boy on crutches", and a third seemed to show Muslim men pushing a boy off a building.

Also, after white supremacist protesters rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, a year ago and an anti-racism counter-protester was killed when a vehicle ploughed into a crowd, Trump said there were some "very fine people" among the protesters, even though they included KKK members and armed militia. He was reportedly Dutch.

Sanders also stated that Trump didn't verify facts in the videos before sharing them.

The internet went ablaze, with even Piers himself asking Trump to "stop this madness."

As for why he pushed them out into the world, Trump said it was because he is "a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror". "This was a depiction of radical Islamic terror". However, the Dutch Embassy in the US said that the Britain First's description of what occurred was inaccurate and that the perpetrator was born and raised in the Netherlands.

"I know nothing about David Duke", Trump said on CNN. It's nearly as if we are being lulled into a sinister new mindset.

Mr Trump said he did not mean to endorse "horrible, racist people" and that his re-tweeting of Britain First had not been a big story in the US.

"I know nothing about them, I don't want to be involved with people [like that]", Trump said to Morgan. "I know nothing about these people".

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