Canada files almost 200 trade complaints against US

Canada files almost 200 trade complaints against US

Canada files almost 200 trade complaints against US

Trade lawyer Mark Warner said Canada may have some merit to its case, but he questioned the timing as the latest round of NAFTA negotiations are due to be held in Montreal later this month.

The 32-page filing not only accuses the USA of improperly imposing duties on Canadian products but also on those of other trading partners, including Brazil, China, EU and India.

For example, Canada says that the United States not only applied anti-dumping tariffs "in excess of WTO-consistent rates" but also miscalculated subsidies used to determine the level of penalties.

Canada appeared to be mounting a case on behalf of the rest of the world, since it cited nearly 200 examples of alleged US wrongdoing, nearly all of them concerning other trading partners, such as China, India, Brazil and the European Union.

On Wednesday the country requested that the World Trade Organization step in to review certain US trade actions and whether they're in accordance with its obligations as a member of the WTO.

Lighthizer argued that a win for Canada would mainly help other countries like China, which would take any opportunity to dump their low-cost imports into the US market. The negotiations certainly aren't unfamiliar with shows of muscle or grandstanding; think of the Trump administration's outrageous NAFTA demands, the threat to leave NAFTA, the softwood lumber dispute, the Boeing-Bombardier dispute and most recently, the newspaper dispute.

"The trying to bully us, and we're not going to stand for it", said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President.

"These rates tabled lby the USA on uncoated groundwood paper represent the third action that stands to hurt hard working men and women in our mill communities across Canada", says Derek Nighbor, CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada. "I wonder why would you bring this complaint now".

The FPAC noted this trade action will bring real harm to USA workers and businesses, impacting over 600,000 American jobs.

Canada filed a far-reaching complaint with the World Trade Organization, accusing the United States of wrongdoing in its use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties.

If the United States decides to continue recognizing the WTO's dispute-settlement mechanism to decide on the fairness of USA trade remedies, then a decision in Canada's favour would support Canada's claim that the US system is biased, making it easier to argue in favour of keeping chapter 19.

The Canadian government has launched a sweeping World Trade Organization complaint against a litany of USA trade practices, alleging almost 200 violations of WTO rules by US investigators reaching back more than 20 years, according to documents published Wednesday.

An official with the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Ottawa's most recent complaint aims to add weight to Canada's argument that import duties have been levied unfairly. Even if Canada succeeded with their claims, other countries would primarily benefit, not Canada, Lighthizer argued.

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