Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Apple to bring iCloud messages back in iOS 11.3 beta 1

Rolled out with iOS 10.2.1, that feature automatically and dynamically slows down processor performance to smooth out peak power demands in devices with older batteries.

Apple has been slowing down iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones with aging batteries to preserve battery life, and users have been complaining. The Apple press release detailing iOS 11.3 features more information about the health of your battery, the ability to turn Apple's power management on or off, new animoji, chat for businesses and more.

Alongside the updates on ARKit, Apple also introduces four new Animoji, giving iPhone X users the ability to express themselves as a lion, bear, dragon or skull.

Software Updates: Before it put out new betas to developers, Apple sent out software updates to the public, reports AppleInsider.

The introduction of the ARKit to iOS 11 placed AR technology into the hands of hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users, essentially made these devices into the world's biggest AR platform. Another new feature is Health Records in the Health app, which is created to keep all of your medical records in one place.

ARKit will see improvements with the launch of ARKit 1.5 which can turn posters, signs and artwork into interactive AR experiences.

iOS 11.3 preview doesn't include any iPad specific features
2 Strategically Important Features in Apple's Upcoming iOS 11.3

Of course, the iOS 11.3 update would not be complete without some new Animoji news. The experience will also be clearer, as the real-world view now has 50 percent sharper resolution.

As Apple previously promised, iOS 11.3 will add a new battery feature that will let iPhone 6 owners and later view the health status of their phone's battery. This is said to come with the support of Discover, Hilton, Lowe's and Wells Fargo at this stage. The service will be encrypted and passcode-protected.

Now that iOS 11.2.5 is out, Apple is placing a focus on iOS 11.3, and today the company gave a preview of the features that'll be included in this new update.

They can also watch the hottest new videos, the classics or ones from their favourite artists back-to-back in new music video playlists.

And Apple Music will soon be the home for ad-free music videos on your phone.

Apple News now includes videos of the day with a new Video group in For You, and improved Top Stories (Apple News still isn't available in Canada, so this is a US exclusive feature).

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