Step Inside the World's Largest Starbucks Location

Step Inside the World's Largest Starbucks Location

Step Inside the World's Largest Starbucks Location

In major news for Chinese coffee lovers, Starbucks Coffee Company is set to open its new Starbucks Reserve Roastery tomorrow, December 6th, in Shanghai. In 2019, the company plans to open a Reserve Roastery in Chicago that will span 43,000 square feet.

The Shanghai Roastery will also be the first of Starbucks' 27,000 locations worldwide, and the first of its kind in China, to seamlessly integrate a real-time, in-store and online customer experience, powered by Alibaba's Mobile Taobao app and the company's augmented-reality (AR) technology.

"Chinese consumers, especially the younger generation, are looking for things more quality-driven, more unique, that speaks to who they are", said Jack Chuang, a Shanghai-based partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants who has studied the Chinese coffee market.

Follow Tess on Twitter. The location has gourmet drinks - like nitrogen-infused teas - and an 88-foot-long, hand-crafted coffee bar.

Schultz said on Tuesday at a briefing in Shanghai that it was obvious to the company that the holding power for Starbucks in China will be more significant than the US holding power.

But the roastery in Shanghai won't hold the title of largest Starbucks for too long.

Starbucks "partners" work at the Teavana tea bar in the new Starbucks Roastery in Shanghai, China. Starbucks promises that customers will be greeted by a multi-sensory coffee experience in an interactive coffee and retail destination like no other. "We can build new stores in China for decades and still have [an] opportunity for growth there".

Now, almost 20 years later, China is Starbucks' fastest growing market, with a new store opening every 15 hours.

But despite all of Shanghai Roastery's features, it's still a coffee shop at heart.

Same-store sales at United States cafes were up 2% for the quarter ended 1 October, while sales in China were up 8%. It's the second Starbucks' Roastery to open and is twice the size of its flagship location in Seattle.

Shares of Starbucks have risen 5.8 percent this year.

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